Brexit, The Exit..

I cannot let the event pass without remark but I don’t want this blog to get too political.  However I did say in my previous post I would get back to you with more. I could quite easily get carried away here so just a brief reference to recent events then we are done.

I am a patriot and a believer in democracy therefore the events of the last three and a half years were very troubling for me.  Forty seven years ago we were taken into the EEC (European Economic Community) with no such thing as a referendum.  This was purely a common trading agreement.  Later on the EEC suddenly became the EU, a much more political organisation run by a committee of unelected bureaucrats.  They were appointed by a committee of other bureaucrats.  The citizens within the EU have no means of removing these people by a general election as we have here, they are virtually unnacountable.  That goes very much against the grain with the democracy believing me.  There are MEP’s (Member of European Parliament) but these seem to have very little power over the way things are run.  They appear to be there to rubber stamp decisions from on high. They can only speak for a certain time then their microphone is cut off.

So when I had the opportunity to vote get out of this arrangement myself and quite a few others, 17.4 million to be precise, had no hesitation but to vote to leave.  However I think all the establishment media were under the impression that the public feeling was to vote to remain, they thought they would do as they were advised by them.  Being threatened with all sorts of dire consequences should they do the unthinkable and vote to leave.  That’s the problem with living a life detached from reality.  They had no idea about the feelings of the general public. So it came as quite a shock to them when the result went the ‘wrong’ way.  We were not to be fooled.

However, all the MP’s (Members of Parliament), our democratically elected body of politicians vowed to enact the result of the referendum.  Deep inside they thought no such thing. The Prime Minister at the time , David Cameron promptly resigned and we had a new leader of the Conservatives, Theresa May was elected. ‘Theresa the Appeaser’ as she became known.  AS the party had a new leader we had to have a another election.  The Conservative Party won by a very small majority on a mandate to enact Brexit without delay.  However once elected about fifty MP’s did everything they could to delay or even cancel Brexit.  They were in a very strong position because the government only had a small majority.  They remain Conservatives were aided and abetted in their scheme by the Labour Party who also went against the wishes of the majority of their electorate and went for the remain option.  They plotted with members of other parties to defeat governement motions to get Brexit done and even take the government to court in legal actions. There was delay after delay, and deadline after deadline was missed.

A lot of these duplicitous MP’s were acting against the wishes of their electorate in these votes, thinking they were in an unassailable postion.  They were aided in their efforts by most of the main stream media (MSM) including the state run BBC which was in receipt of a grant of €64,000,000 a year from the EU.  It showed blatant bias in most political programs and debates.  Question Time is a good example, a weekly political discussion programme with a panel of politicians answering questions from a selected audience of the public.  These panels were noticably very frequently loaded with a remain bias.  It was the same on the radio news programmes.   I know from my social media and internet browsing that the situation has got so bad that people are refusing to buy TV licences now.

The BBC is losing money hand over fist.  Let me just explain here for the benefit of non UK dwellers that the BBC is funded by a licence fee that everybody has to pay to watch the BBC and any of the other terrestrial channels.  This is apart from any EU and government money.    If you are caught watching TV without a licence you will face a fine of over £1000 pounds.  If you fail to pay it is an imprisonable offence.  There was a time when there was no option but the BBC but now we have Netflix, Prime, Amazon Fire and Sky TV and any number of free channels on Smart TV’s.  I haven’t needed or wanted to buy a newspaper for years now. By the time its in the morning newspaper its out of date.  I can see news change by the hour.

This situation went on for over three and a half years and then it came time for another general election because Theresa May resigned as Prime Minister and Boris Johnson was elected leader of the Conservative Party.  He was very popular with the general public but not with the establishment and very much for leaving the EU.  They Remainers thought they would ask for a general election because of the change of leader and that would unseat him and the Conservatives.  They could then form a coalition of remain parties and cancel Brexit altogether.

The day of reckoning for the out of touch political establishment arrived on the 12th December.  They thought the London and the shires ‘bubble’ that they moved in was representative of the general population.  They never really bothered to find out.  Were they in for a shock. Once again they were confident that they could thwart the ambitions of the leave side who just wanted the enactment of a democratic vote held in 2016.  The Labour party also suffered a great loss because they too had gone against the wishes their traditional electorate, some of whom now actually voted for the Conservatives.

The result of the election was that the Conservatives won by a handsome 80 seat majority.   An overall majority so the government could push through all its policies now with no opposition.  Boris Johnson, being a man of his word, got his votes through and we actually left the EU at 11pm on 31st January 2020, the date he promised when he was elected leader.  We now have our independence back and are free to make our own trade deals all over the world and we can make our own laws.  The EU have until the end of this year to make a deal with the UK or we will just carry on with no deal.  Regaining all our fishing rights around our coast, which for the last forty seven years have been plundered by the French and Spanish fisherman and putting a lot of our fishermen out of business because the EU would only let them catch a fraction of the fish.

In my opinion this is the beginning of the end for the EU. They very much didnt want us to leave as we were their biggest contributer.  We would pay them a big chunk of money every month and they would give us about one third back in the form of grants for projects that they approved of.  There is unrest in many European cities.  France has had demonstrations every weekend by the Gilets Jaunes more Gilets Jaunes for the last 60 weeks and is still having them every weekend, not a word on the BBC.  None of which has appeared on any of the media in the UK, probably some kind of embargo by the EU?  You can find regular footage of these events on the internet and social media.  There have also been anti EU demonstrations in Holland, Sweden and Germany to my certain knowledge.

Sorry about that, not so brief after all but I have got it off my chest.  Back to normal posting from now on, no more politics. Unless. !!!

I’ll stand back and wait for repercussions now..

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