Hi, my name is Brian Goldsmith, I am a retired ‘gentleman of leisure’. That doesn’t mean I am rich and have servants to do all my chores for me but it does mean that I have every day more or less to myself and not burdened by getting up to go to work every morning. My days are my own to do with as I will. I was born in 1943 so I am old enough to have earned the right to express my opinions freely. People either agree or think its just an old man going on a rant and ignore me. Either way I win, I can get things off my chest. My two most hated phrases are ‘Political Correctness’ and ‘Health and Safety’ and a lot of my rants off the blog are based on one or both of them. maybe I should publicise them more.

I have been blogging on a casual basis since about 2009 but latterly, since retirement and the acquisition of better technology it has taken up an increasingly larger proportion of my time and interest. It is a good way to keep a record of my other interests and I don’t mind sharing my experiences with anybody else who might be interested.

My time is divided between household chores and maintenance (then repairs if the maintenance has failed !), shopping, day trips out sightseeing and trips in our motorhome ranging between a few days away to a month or two in Europe.

In my heyday I was a first category amateur racing cyclist.  Nowadays my cycling consists of riding myself and watching racing on TV and ‘live’ whenever I get the chance. Nothing will top actually watching the Tour de France live though. My own morning solo rides usually vary between around 30 miles to 60 miles which when the conditions are right I try to do 2 or 3 times a week.

Photography too is taking up more of my time now.  I have always enjoyed taking photographs.  I have often been criticized for not including people in my pictures. In fact I often go out of my way to get people free shots, but most of my photos are landscapes anyway.  I have now acquired some decent equipment and software and spend ages on YouTube finding out how best to use it to good effect.

I have been a lifelong follower of Watford Football Club through thick and thin, enjoying the good times for now..


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