Hello Again..

After dallying with Facebook Pages for a couple of years I have decided to revert back to blogging here.  I am not a great fan of facebook anymore due to all the recent revelations and I will be closing both my ‘Pages’ accounts, Bricycling and Tyggers Travels soon.  I will keep my regular facebook account, mainly for putting out notifications of my blog posts and keeping up with everybody else’s goings on in my news feed.

This will be my only account for news henceforth.  I will start to update my photography blog from time to time maybe and my Bricycling blog will stay in limbo for a while as I will incorporate cycling and other life events here, clues in the title, Life/Cycle get it ?? :o)

My only problem is I haven’t used this for so long that I might struggle to get up to speed with it again, so in the meantime I hope you can bear with me while I settle in again.  When I came to write this I realised just how much I had forgotten.

So click the blue “Follow Lifestyle” button at the top of the right hand column and you will be notified very time I make a post.  You won’t be alone there are already 201 people following.

See you soon hopefully….

Not Another Name ?..

Sorry about the name change so soon  but I wasn’t really happy with the name I initially concocted for my new blogging set up. It was the best I could come up with at the time, but I decided It looked too clumsy and awkward.

I came up with this new one while on a  long drive today with time to do nothing but drive and think.  Its seems much more concise and says what the blog will be about in a nutshell, life and cycling.

There is just one more thing I am not totally happy with and thats the theme I am using.  I thought it was OK until last night when I happened to look at the mobile version of it on my phone and the header seem to take up most of the screen  and doesn’t move up when you scroll it.   You only see a few lines of text at a time so that may change in the not too distant future.

Apart from that I thank you for your patience

Out With Old, In With The New

After much thought and consideration over the last few weeks I have decided to put this blog into hibernation along with my photography blog.  I am combining everything into one new blog called ‘Lifecycle’ to simplify my blogging life and hopefully improving my posting rate again.  I hope once the new posts start to appear you will approve but I would welcome any comments or suggestions you might like to make there.

The blogs will still be readable and and I also made them accessible from a link in the new blog.  I just won’t be posting here anymore.  They will remain as an archive of the past.

To all my wonderful and sometimes patient followers, thank you for your support over the years but I hope you will move over and follow the new blog now.  I think you will find more of a mix of posts now but I have created menus so that you can select either just Photos, Cycling or Blog posts or leave things as they are and get everything.

Good To Go…

After a very late night/early morning session I think I am just about all set up here now.  I kept doing one more last adjustment here and there and the time just slipped by.

The next move is to place posts on my previous blogs to make readers aware they need to follow me on here to keep up to date..  Then I will make my first proper blog post here..

Thinking Aloud..

I am still in somewhat of a quandary as to how I am going to organise things here.  Basically I think its going to be a ‘bog standard’ blog.  Come think of it, ‘The Bog Standard Blog’ might not have been a bad alternative name for this publication.

It takes a lot of thinking about because however I start I have to carry on, there is no turning back without incurring a lot of hassle.  I want to try and get it right first time.  I am thinking I will classify my posts by category and then create menus based on categories then it makes it easier to find the posts and photos you are looking for, or just for browsing.

Then there is the process of attracting readers of my existing blogs over to this one.  I think I will just have to make intermittent posts publicising this blog.

I am going to create some menus next and see how that works out so far as layouts are concerned.  That will be my project for now and we will see how it goes.

You might also expect a change of theme or two in future as I work through the setup.

Watch This Space..

Hopefully this will eventually be my new blog.. incorporating the two blogs I do at the moment.. one mainly cycling based, Bricycling and the other my photography blog, Brian Goldsmith Photography..

This will I hope stop me having to divide my time between the two and concentrate on just one..